Texans never take their barbecues for granted. This is because they have the best barbecues not only in the United States but in the world.

But are you aware that there are actually different types of Texas barbecues? The types are according to the different barbecue traditions in the different parts of Texas and influenced by the culture of the geographical locations of the different areas of the state. In East Texas, the barbecue is cooked until the meat is nearly falling off the bone. They smoke the meat over hickory wood and use sweet tomato sauce. In West Texas, the barbecue is cooked over direct heat and mesquite wood is oftentimes used. In South Texas, there is the barbacoa tradition which is so-called because its preparation is Mexican-style. It was traditionally prepared by Mexicans and used thick sauces that keep the moisture of the meat. In fact, goat or sheep may be used for barbacoa, aside from beef.

Of course, the most popular type of Texas barbecue is the Central Texas style which uses oak wood or even pecan wood in smoking. The meat is rubbed with salt, pepper and even other spices to bring out the flavor.

The Central Texas style of barbecue has been brought by German and Czech settlers in the area during the mid-19th century. These settlers were known to smoke left over meats which then evolved into the barbecues that we know now. In fact, what were once butcher shops transformed into the barbecue establishments or joints that we know of today.

So next time that you try out a Texan barbecue, try to discern its type, whether it’s from the East, West, South or Central Texas. Try also to determine its origin. In fact, if you see it wrapped in red butcher paper, you will know that it still remains true to its European origins.