Texas Barbecue is indeed the rolls-royce of barbecues, simply the very best. And here, we are proud to show you all the best joints where you can score a great slab of the juiciest, the meatiest and the most succulent Texas barbecues. This list is of course not exhaustive as we seek to add more joints here. This is an amalgam of all the stalwart traditional joints as well as the new hip joints that have sprouted.

Enjoy your Texas barbecues from these areas:

John Mueller Meat Co.
This meat joint was founded by John Mueller of the famous Louie Mueller Barbecue located in Taylor. He founded his own shop in 2001 and in just two years, he proved his worth and amassed a loyal following due to his to-die-for beef briskets. John Mueller’s is of course just one of three barbecue joints set up by the heirs of the Louie Mueller Barbecue and all are known for their great beef.

Lockhart Smokehouse
Texas barbecues are now available in Dallas, courtesy of Lockhart Smokehouse. Owned by Jill Bergus and her partner Jeff, their joint is reminiscent of the look and feel of a regular barbecue joint in Central Texas. Customers can even view how the barbecues are cut and prepared as the kitchen can be viewed from the front. What makes Lockhart Smokehouse’s barbecues wonderful is their mix of smoke and caramelized rub.

Cranky Frank’s Barbecue Company
For a juicy beef brisket with that awesome marbling, come to Crank Frank’s. They also offer chicken, crusted pork ribs and black pepper sausages. Try their ketchup based sauce, as it is one of the secrets that differentiate their barbecues from the rest.

Louie Mueller Barbecue
If you want to go all traditional, there’s nowhere else to go but at Louie Mueller Barbecue. This legendary barbecue joint is quite famous for its beef rib with massive marbling and fat that has amassed the loyalty of its customers.