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Texas Pride Barbecue – About Us

Texas Pride Barbecue is all about the succulent and meatiest pride of Texas. This website has been created in order to pay homage to and promote the Texas barbecue.

The entire point of this website is to show you everything you need to know about the Texas barbecue, how it is cooked, how it is served, how to enjoy it, the places where you can get a bite of its tempting goodness and so much more. This website even aims to give you tips on anything and everything that you want to know about the Texas barbecue. We will even produce articles on the most tightly held secrets that make the Texas barbecue the best in the world. These are the things that you will learn from this website and more. So always keep your eye out for our articles so that you are always updated on the Texas Pride Barbecue.

Alternatively, you may also sign up for our regular newsletters on all things barbecue related. Get the best tips on where to find that wonderful barbecue sauce or know where to buy the juiciest meats for those most succulent barbecues. We at Texas Pride Barbecue are always happy to share our greatest secrets for you to enjoy the best barbecue in the world.

This website was started by John D., your all American, all Texan pitmaster. He is regularly asked questions on the Texas barbecue not only by his family and friends but by random people when they learn that he is Texan. In his goal to share the goodness of Texan barbecue to the world, he created this website so that more people will get to appreciate the wonder of Texas barbecue. What’s more, he gets to share the love that he has for the barbecue and his family recipes which have been handed down from one generation to the next.

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