A faulty Garage Door Does Not Mean an Overall Replacement

It is really amazing how often people tend to go for costly garage door replacement in case something becomes faulty rather than opting for professional garage door services. An experienced and certified garage door company including Ace Garage Door Repair in Alief can help you to save replacement costs even if you have some underline frustrating problems. There could be several reasons for the garage door not working correctly, or being stuck on the tracks, but we will discuss the most common ones.

  • Poor installation of garage door:

Garage doors need to be installed with a high level of skills and knowledge because the slightest mistake in the installation process could lead to poor functioning of a garage doors. 

  • Cheap quality product:

With a large number of products available in the market, some people are lured into buying low-quality products which can cause faults within a short period of time after installation.

  • Garage door rollers:

The most common problem with garage doors is broken rollers and misaligned tracks. It could result from accumulated dirt or grease which should be removed.

  • Malfunctioning garage door opener:

Another common issue is malfunctioning the garage door opener. Having both electrical and mechanical parts, the opener tends to break down often. It is caused by poor maintenance and excessive use.

  • Dry-running garage door parts:

All moving parts need proper lubrication for smooth working otherwise if they run dry for a longer period of time they tend to break or lose their ability to run freely.

  • Garage door wiring issues:

Garage door cables and wires can fray with the passage of time. It could be dangerous and hazardous. Broken or frayed cables should be replaced with the help of professionals as a safety measurement.

  • Alignment of garage door:

The garage door runs on tracks that are mounted along the walls. Any excessive pressure or any type of obstruction could cause the tracks to fall out of their original alignment which results in jammed garage door operations.

Garage Doors
  • Out of shape panels:

Damaged panels are another reason for the garage door not working correctly. If they are left unattended, they could lead to misaligned and stuck operations of the garage door.

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned problems with your garage door, you need to hire a reliable and certified garage door technician for guaranteed and affordable solutions.

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