5 Garage Door Safety Advice

The garage door is the largest, heaviest but complicated moving equipment of any home. Garage doors add appeal to the interior of your buildings, keep your vehicle secure, and protect you from harsh weather conditions and burglars.

Since they are used frequently, we need to ensure that they are kept secure and functional at all times. Like other mechanical equipment, there are some associated dangers with the functional garage doors. If it is not maintained properly, could malfunction and pose security risks. A broken garage door can cause severe injuries or even death if not handled properly. To prevent accidents or injuries, you need to hire a professional and reputed garage door expert including garage door repair service in Chandler, Arizona. You can maintain your garage door by yourself. Here is a list of practical techniques and safety precautions to keep your garage door in good working condition.

Keep your garage door balanced and aligned for safe operations: When garage door starts to functions awkwardly, even manually operated, it indicates that garage door springs being unbalanced. This misalignment could cause damages to other parts of the mechanism. In the case of serious issues, seek the assistance of skilled and experienced professionals. Don’t try to attempt garage door spring or cable repairs on your own because they can cause serious injuries if mishandled.

Never put hands or fingers between the sections: There are lots of cases reported about the injuries wherein homeowners mistakenly put their hand or fingers between the sections of the garage door. Always operate the garage door using the right handles or gripping points.

Avail regular garage door maintenance services: Due to frequent use, garage door parts can wear out and become damaged which brings potential safety risks. It is good to contact with professional garage door technician for annual maintenance check-ups and services to avoid accidents and injuries. Anyways, monthly inspection and maintenance are enough to keep your garage door in a good working position. You can also avail of annual maintenance from a professional garage door technician. They can provide you safety inspection, check-ups, and assessments of the garage door. They will clean and lubricate your garage door for you. A trained and skilled garage door mechanic will conduct efficient tests to make sure that the garage door motor, sensors, and other electrical parts are running smoothly.

Keep kids away from the garage door: Never allow your children to play near or around the garage door. It is good to ensure that kids cannot access the remote and wall button to operate the garage door system without the assistance of adults. Place the wall button at least 5 feet high from the garage floor and keep garage door remote out of the range of children.

Invest in the latest technology: One trick to avoid accidents is to invest in smart garage door openers which are equipped with photoelectric eye safety sensors and beams. These sensors are placed a few inches from the garage floor to send invisible beams across the path of the garage door. They sense anything which obstructs the path of garage door and reverses it to its opened position. It is a value-added safety measurement that complements the auto-reverse functionality.



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