Texas Pride Barbecue

Texas Pride Barbecue

Texas is the home of the best barbecue in the whole world. Texas prides itself in succulent, great-tasting barbecue with that perfect bite that is incomparable to any other. The best thing about the Texas barbecue is that it is the pride of each and every Texan. It is a regular staple to every Sunday evening, family get-together, drinking party or just that regular buddy who works for the nearby Houston garage door repair company.


But what makes the Texas barbecue awesome? Let me count the ways:

  1. Texans have different ways of preparing their barbecues. Those who come from South Texas specialize in barbacoa, those from the east like their chopped beef while those coming from the west prepare their barbecues over direct heat. But all Texans agree that the best type of barbecue is the Central Texas style. This is done by cooking the beef over low, slow and indirect heat.
  2. Texans revere beef over pork.
    In Texas, the meat of choice for barbecues is beef, not pork. And when they choose the cuts, they definitely prefer big cuts, just right for the huge Texan plates. Hence the term, meatier and fattier. The fattier comes from their choice of cuts with more fats or moist cuts as compared to the lean ones.A regular Texas barbecue plate is also not complete without a beef brisket, and the inclusion of pork ribs, sausages and pulled pork.
  3. Texas barbecues are almost-always cooked the old style.When we say old style, we, of course, refer to cooking barbecues over wood. Texans use post oak, mesquite or hickory, hence the awesome flavors. Fire management is also very important with pitmasters cooking barbecues over low and slow fire, some even taking as long as 20 hours for a brisket. Most importantly barbecues are often cooked outdoors, hence you can just imagine the level of skill it takes a pitmaster to balance the flavors while cooking on an outdoor grill.
  4. Texas barbecues are cooked simply.No, there are no special flavors or special rubs that are applied to Texas barbecues. The usual is just a rub of salt and pepper and sometimes with garlic and/or cayenne. There is no need to add special rubs because the secret to perfect Texas barbecues is the slow and low cooking. This makes for perfect succulent and juicy barbecues. This is also the reason why Texans are very patient in waiting for their barbecues to cook because the end result is almost always worth the wait.
  5. Texas barbecues should be paired with beer.
    Another Texan habit when it comes to their barbecues is its beer pairing. Texans believe that barbecues always taste better when eaten with beer. In fact, some restaurants and grills even give out free beers to customers who patiently wait for their barbecue orders to cook.


After a long wait, juicy and tender Texas barbecues go out of the pits and straight into plates. Take note that to enjoy it in true Texan style, it is best to use your hands. Happy eating!


5 Garage Door Safety Advice

The garage door is the largest, heaviest but complicated moving equipment of any home. Garage doors add appeal to the interior of your buildings, keep your vehicle secure, and protect you from harsh weather conditions and burglars.

Since they are used frequently, we need to ensure that they are kept secure and functional at all times. Like other mechanical equipment, there are some associated dangers with the functional garage doors. If it is not maintained properly, could malfunction and pose security risks. A broken garage door can cause severe injuries or even death if not handled properly. To prevent accidents or injuries, you need to hire a professional and reputed garage door expert including garage door repair service in Chandler, Arizona. You can maintain your garage door by yourself. Here is a list of practical techniques and safety precautions to keep your garage door in good working condition.

Keep your garage door balanced and aligned for safe operations: When garage door starts to functions awkwardly, even manually operated, it indicates that garage door springs being unbalanced. This misalignment could cause damages to other parts of the mechanism. In the case of serious issues, seek the assistance of skilled and experienced professionals. Don’t try to attempt garage door spring or cable repairs on your own because they can cause serious injuries if mishandled.

Never put hands or fingers between the sections: There are lots of cases reported about the injuries wherein homeowners mistakenly put their hand or fingers between the sections of the garage door. Always operate the garage door using the right handles or gripping points.

Avail regular garage door maintenance services: Due to frequent use, garage door parts can wear out and become damaged which brings potential safety risks. It is good to contact with professional garage door technician for annual maintenance check-ups and services to avoid accidents and injuries. Anyways, monthly inspection and maintenance are enough to keep your garage door in a good working position. You can also avail of annual maintenance from a professional garage door technician. They can provide you safety inspection, check-ups, and assessments of the garage door. They will clean and lubricate your garage door for you. A trained and skilled garage door mechanic will conduct efficient tests to make sure that the garage door motor, sensors, and other electrical parts are running smoothly.

Keep kids away from the garage door: Never allow your children to play near or around the garage door. It is good to ensure that kids cannot access the remote and wall button to operate the garage door system without the assistance of adults. Place the wall button at least 5 feet high from the garage floor and keep garage door remote out of the range of children.

Invest in the latest technology: One trick to avoid accidents is to invest in smart garage door openers which are equipped with photoelectric eye safety sensors and beams. These sensors are placed a few inches from the garage floor to send invisible beams across the path of the garage door. They sense anything which obstructs the path of garage door and reverses it to its opened position. It is a value-added safety measurement that complements the auto-reverse functionality.



Barbecue Party

It’s always good that we spend time with our family and friends every once in a while. When bonding together, it does not mean that we are just having fun with them, it also means that you are finding things-to-do together which can help strengthen and improve our relationship with them. My family and I always loved barbecue and that was the reason why we always make time and schedule a barbecue party in our backyard every once in a while. We usually schedule this ahead of time to make way for everyone’s busy schedule. We got used to at least once in a month for several years now to herd everyone back together.  

You can just eat as much barbecue before you get used to it. We realized this after a while. This is why everyone decided to add a twist to our once a month routine. Instead of serving just plain old barbecues, we tried learning various barbecue recipes and try them out. We took turns in applying this and making the party more interesting each time. We also try out other recipes that the whole family really enjoyed. During these ‘meetings’ we make sure that tasks are well allocated. We put everyone in-charge of something and this served as a bonding experience for the family as a whole. 

After residing in the same neighborhood for several years, I never expected that time will come when I would think that I need to sell my house fast. It was an immediate decision and posed a problem for me.  It was not a very good year that year but I needed to put everything together and endure. I moved to a new city, but even then my love for barbecue parties was never extinguished. So, I started a new routine in my new place. I continued with the old tradition but this time with different people. 

Setting up barbecue party outside your house is very easy especially if there are a lot of people to help you out. For me, if my family is not available for the scheduled day for this activity, I always invite my friends over and set everything up. We usually prepare everything we’d need such as the grilling machine that I bought a year before, the tables we will use, the chairs and other food supplies. Cooking is the easiest and the fun part of a barbecue party. 

When we have little time to do all these food prep, we just order foods from our favorite food places and let them deliver it to our doorsteps. It’s not as fun when we do this so we make sure that this does not happen all the time. But anyway, what matters is that we are all still together, bonding with each other. These are really among the moments I cherish as I grow older. These are invaluable moments you can never again go back to. So, while you still have the chance, make the most of it and have fun.